Kaleda Vasiliy Glebovich , Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, is the head of the Department of youth psychiatry. He is the leading Russian specialist in the field of youth psychiatry and the head of the corresponding scientific school. In 1998 he defended his post-graduate dissertation "Clinical Picture and Course of Schizophrenia-affective Disorder, which Manifests Itself in Youth Years," in 2010 he defended his doctorate "Junior Endogenous Paroxysmal Psychosis (Psychopathological, Pathogenetic and Prognostic Aspects of the First Episode)."  His scientific interests involve: issues of psychopathology, clinical picture, pathogenesis and treatment of mental disorders of young age, as well as the foundations of religious psychopathology. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers, he has three patents. 
He is an academic advisor for postgraduate students; to date, 5 post-graduate dissertations have been defended under his supervision. He is actively involved in psychoeducation in the media. He is a member of the Board of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists, Vice-President of the Moscow Society of Psychiatrists, and a member of dissertation councils in "Psychiatry" and "Genetics."
The Department of Youth Psychiatry is one of the youngest clinical departments. It was established in 2018, based on a group of youth mental disorders of the Department for the Study of Endogenous Mental Disorders and Affective Conditions, the history of which has more than half a century of scientific research. The first major studies on "youth" topics were carried out in the Clinic of Schizophrenia led by the academician Snezhnevsky A.V. in 1960s.
The development of this direction during next decades was inextricably connected with the name of Professor Tsutsulkovskaya M.Y. The range of her scientific interests included almost all aspects of youth mental disorders. Under her leadership, youth mental disorders were systematically studied at both syndrome-based and nosological levels. Further development of this direction continued under the leadership of Kaleda V.G., who eventually replaced Tsutsulskovskaya M.Y. as the head of the scientific team. Many years of their collaboration allowed Professor Tsutsulkovskaya M.Y. to extend her scientific longevity and Professor Kaleda V.G. to give a new impetus to current research and start new large-scale projects.
Currently, the Department continues to study the risk of psychosis manifestation, peculiarities of their structure, course and development of remission. Issues of adolescent dynamics of personal disorders are being considered. In the context of psychopathological disorders, nuances of auto-aggressive behavior in youth patients with mental disorders are being studied. In cooperation with urban health care, analysis of remote catamnesis in schizophrenia is carried out, manifested at different age periods. In April 2019, the Department of Youth Psychiatry included a group of special forms of mental disorders (head – a leading research fellow Kopeiko G.I.), which was created in accordance with the decision of the Scientific Council of MHRC in April, 1994 to study mental disorders that are related to religious outlook. Science topics developed by the team members deal with a wide range of issues covering the problems of studying peculiarities of psychopathology, phenomenology and clinical picture of mental disorders observed in the religious environment in patients with mental disorders, as well as studying special characteristics of rehabilitation work at the stage of remission and formation of psychocorrectional and psychotherapeutic help for patients, taking into account their religious outlook.
An important aspect of the study of religious influence on mental diseases was the study of the spectrum of pathological religiosity in patients. Rehabilitation work with patients with endogenous mental disorders combined with alcohol abuse (symptomatic alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder) is also carried out by the team. In addition to special measures of medical assistance in the rehabilitation of patients with comorbid pathology, a resource was used on the basis of religious coping strategies, as well as experience of rehabilitation programs successfully used in the assistance for persons with mental and addiction pathology. As a result of the study, the effectiveness of the application of confessional-oriented rehabilitation in patients with endogenous mental diseases with alcohol dependence was assessed, which showed high efficiency of using this approach.

Scope of research activities of the Department:
  • Detection of conditions for forming of the first psychotic episode in youth, special characteristics of forming the first remission and determination of further trajectory of endogenous disease development;
  • Determination of conditions for forming of personality disorders in youth, as well as their further dynamics;
  • Detection of conditions for forming of  auto-aggressive and suicidal behavior in patients with youth mental disorders, as well as development of approaches to prevent repeated auto-aggressive actions and suicidal behavior;
  • Identification of high risk factors of schizophrenia manifestation, development of the set of measures to prevent and delay the first psychotic episode and quality improvement of functional outcomes;
  • Study of psychological factors and psychological mechanisms, including neurocognitive, pathogenesis of youth mental disorders;
  • Identification of special characteristic of psychopathology and clinical picture of endogenous mental diseases with hallucinatory-delusional disorders of religious-mystical content, development of complex approaches to their therapy and rehabilitation
Research fellows:
  • Omelchenko Maria Anatolievna - Leading Research Fellow, Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • Krylova Elena Sergeevna - Leading Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences.
  • Golubev Sergey Alexandrovich - Leading Research Fellow, Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • Pluzhnikov Ilya Valerevich - Leading Research Fellow, Candidate of Psychological Sciences
  • Beburishvili Anastasia Andreevna - Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Popovich Uliana Olegovna - Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Tikhonov Denis Vitalievich - Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Migalina Valentina Vladimirovna – Junior Fellow
  • Fadeev Yuri Sergeevich - Junior Fellow
  • Kuleshov Alexey Andreyevich - Laboratory Researcher
  • Pavshenko Natalia Nikolaevna - Laboratory Researcher
Members of the group of specific forms of psychological pathology:
  • Kopeiko Grigori Ivanovich - Leading Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Borisova Olga Alexandrovna - Leading Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Vladimirova Tatiana Vitalievna - Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Gedevani Ekaterina Vladimirovna – Senior Research Fellow, Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • Baburin Alexei Nikolaevich - Senior Fellow
  • Migai Andrei Igorevich - Junior Fellow
  • Orekhova Paulina Valerievna - Research Laboratory