Head of the Laboratory: Anatoly N. Simonov, PhD.

The laboratory was established in 2008. The research priorities are focused on implementation of the newest statistical methods based on extensive use of computer technologies of resampling, which includes methods like jackknife, permutation and bootstrap. In one of the current studies, which is ran together with the Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics (I.I.Miroshnichenko), the bootstrap technology is applied to evaluate pharmacokinetic parameters and confidence intervals of PANSS. The algorithm for the calculation of confidence intervals and testing statistical hypothesis for pharmacokinetic parameters of scattered data was developed.

Research priorities of the laboratory:

  • Support the comprehension of the data gained in research
  • Consultancy on biostatistics
  • Planning and analysis of clinical research to provide maximal value for evidence-based guidelines.


Staff members:

3 Research Scientist and 1 Research Assistant.