Head of Mental Health Support Systems Research Center

Head of the department - Solokhina Tatiana Alexandrovna, doctor of medical sciences. In 1979 she defended her PhD, and in 2003 she defended her doctoral thesis «Quality of Psychiatric Care: Organizational and Economic Aspects». Participates in the elaboration of a programme of scientific bases for the organization of psychiatric care, the conduct of economic research in psychiatry, the establishment of criteria for the quality of psychiatric care, the development of organizational and methodological bases for psycho-social rehabilitation. Actively participates in realization of public programs of assistance and support in psychiatry, Chairman of board of regional charitable public organization «Family and mental health»Chairman of the Public Council on Mental Health at the Chief Psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Author of about 200 publications (including manuals, books) and a number of methodological tools. Professional and public activity of T.A. Solokhina is noted by a number of awards - Certificates of Honour of RAMN, Ministry of Health Development, Medal of the International Charity Fund «Patrons of the Century», thanks of the Committee of the Federation Council for Social Policy, Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations.

Scope of research activities of the Department:

  • Assessment of modern methods of epidemiological studies of non-infectious psychiatric disorders.
  • Assessment of biological, environmental, social and other factors influencing mental health.
  • Random epidemiological examinations of mental patients, groups with a high risk of psychiatric disorders in the population.
  • Assessment of biological, environmental, social and other factors influencing mental health in the population.
  • Assessment of epidemiological quality criteria of activities of mental health care services.
  • Evaluation of medical, demographic, socio-economical and other factors, determining the patterns of formation, organization and operation of various establishments in the system of psychiatric care.
  • Investigation of problems of equipment, staff recruitment, financing and material maintenance in establishments of psychiatric services, development of proposals on the principles of economic regulation in activities of establishments within the system of psychiatric services.
  • Conduction of studies on ensuring the evaluation of the quality of psychiatric services and development of instructive and methodological materials based on these results, for further implementation into practical operation of mental healthcare establishments.
  • Studies on legal, ethical, economic and other social problems of psychiatry.
  • Investigation of organizational and other types of factors, influencing the special features of activities in mental healthcare services.
  • Development of organizational principles in the new organizational forms of psychiatric care.
  • Participation in the activities of community-based forms of support of mental health.