A special WHO programme was named "Brain Damage In Utero". Its main goal was to define the role of intrauterine ionized radiation on the development of mental retardation and other mental disorders. The implementation of this programme was performed not only by Russian, but by Ukrainian and Byelorussian professionals.

The first stage of the WHO programme concerned consequences of the Chernobyl accident in terms of the influence of radiation on mental health of children, whose mothers were exposed to radiation. 420 children were born in the period from April 26, 1986 to February 1, 1987 in Byelorussia, Ukraine, Russia in contaminated and non-polluted (control) regions. In radiation contaminated regions there was a higher frequency of mental retardation and other mental disorders, as well as deterioration of both mental and physic health of their parents.

The main results of the convened study were stated in the reports submitted to WHO and in publications - Kozlova I.A., Nyagu A.I., Korolev V.D. "Influence of radiation on mental development in children" - The Korsakoff Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry, 1999, 99, N8, p. 12-15.

The experts of our Center (I.A. Kozlova, et al.) took part in the 2nd International Conference, dedicated to the remote consequences of the Chernobyl accident. (The 2nd International Conference on late medical consequences of the Chernobyl accident), which took place in Kiev, from June, 1-6, 1998 with the participation of WHO.

At present the next stage, orientated to the follow-up of the examined cases, is being initiated.