Lebedeva Irina Sergeevna - The head of the laboratory of neuroimaging and multimodal analysis, Doctor of Biological Sciences. In 1993 I.S. Lebedeva defended her thesis "EEG and sensory-motor parameters in norm and in some types of mental diseases". She became a Doctor of Biological Sciences in 2008 with a thesis for a degree: "Neurophysiological mechanisms of auditory processing of information in conditions of selective attention in norm and its anomalies in schizophrenia."

Research interests of I.S. Lebedeva include various areas of biological psychiatry, studying the structural and functional abnormalities of the brain as one of the basic factors of occurrence and development of mental illness. I.S. Lebedeva participated in publishing 160 scientific papers, she also received one patent for the invention.
Laboratory of neuroimaging and multimodal analysis was organized in 2013. Staff's researches are focused on a set of anatomical and morphological, biochemical and hemodynamic characteristics of the brain for different types of mental disorders through the lifetime, and on the mechanisms of coupling of identified structural and functional pathology in the pathogenesis of mental illness. There are five researchers in the laboratory.

Main research directions of the laboratory:

  • Analysis of structural and functional anomalities of the brain and the mechanisms of their occurrence in a variety of mental disorders (primarily endogenous nature)
  • Determination of diagnostic and prognostic significance of markers in anatomical-morphological and functional brain pathologies
  • Development and adaptation of neuroimaging methods according to conditions of a psychiatric clinic